It's our goal to provide an experience that improves the lives of our campers.  We don't do that with spa kits and high-end amenities, but rather by providing a welcoming environment that's authentic, close to nature, and all about connecting within a community.

We've always thought it was strange to have so many like-minded individuals, all bonding within CrossFit® affiliate communities, but without a great place to hang out together for a weekend.  We strive to build a vacation that's an easy choice - a simple weekend commitment at an affordable rate, where gym buddies and their partners and friends can getaway for the camp!  We've done our best to build into the vacation what you love about your affiliate:  variety, programming, fitness challenges, competition, as well as the social aspect/community.  We think that a weekend in the woods, a conversation around the campfire, or a new friend and cabinmate can make for an extremely positive experience. 

At Camp TimeOut - you choose your own adventure. We take the CrossFit® community out of the box to play outside, unplug, and capitalize on functional fitness. If you've forgotten how it feels to challenge yourself, and get out of your comfort zone, come to camp and try something new in a welcoming environment.

More formally, we support the Campership Funds (scholarship funds) at each location where we stay.  For example, by attending our Colorado Camp based at YMCA Camp Shadybrook, you are contributing to the campership fund at that camp location, and allowing underprivileged kids to go to camp where you did.

If you'd like to hear more about WHY we built Camp TimeOut, check out this blog post that we wrote a year after launch.


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Christin Marshall


I am a transplant from Knoxville, Tennessee with a strong aversion to New England's harsh winters. Arriving on Cape Cod in 2007, I searched for a coping mechanism for the region's short days and cold nights.  Looking for something new to try, I walked into CrossFit Cape Cod as a total novice. Wandering in past oversize tires, I found a Yorkie on the loose, a community pushing its physical limits, and Rihanna blaring, and knew that I had found my people.

My husband and I hosted our wedding at a summer camp, and after managing cabin assignments for 175 wedding guests, I knew I could plan and execute a series of excellent, summer camp weekends.  Coupled with an interest in connecting individual CrossFit® affiliate communities for a weekend of sport, time in nature, and relaxation, Camp TimeOut was launched.

Armed with a MBA, a penchant for listening to stories, and a willingness to visit CrossFit® boxes to chat about camp with strangers, I'm enjoying the ride and the wonderful people I'm meeting along the way.

Cara Cowden

Director of Camp Operations

I am Christin's older sister, mom to the two sweetest kids on the planet, and wife to a handsome Navy man.  After moving to 8 different cities in the past 15 years, home base is now in Maryland.  Before Camp TimeOut, I worked as a merchandise planner at the headquarters for three different fashion retailers.  I now apply my planning skills to all things Camp TimeOut.  A few years ago, Christin convinced me to try CrossFit®.   I was hooked, gained lots of strength, and loved the community and friendships that my gym provided.  Camp TimeOut is my dream job for many reasons (I love planing vacations, travelling, spending time outdoors, CrossFit®, bonfires and s'mores)...but best of all I get to collaborate with my BFF/sister everyday!

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Devon Clark


In the summer of 2014, I packed up my things, said goodbye to my home in Minnesota, and drove out to Cape Cod in pursuit of a career in landscape architecture. Coming from the land of lakes and snow, the outdoor activities I had grown up loving were slightly different than those in New England, and I had a hard time finding people to share my true passions with. Enter: Christin. Our shared love of outdoor sports and activities spurred a great friendship and, for me, a new appreciation for Cape Cod's surfing and boating opportunities.

Getting my Bachelors in Landscape Architecture in the School of Design at Iowa State University exposed me to a variety of design disciplines. I love having the opportunity to graphically represent design ideas for Camp TimeOut. It combines all the areas I love: design, problem solving, sports, and the great outdoors. I’m so happy to be a part of the Camp TimeOut team and I look forward to the many outdoor adventures to come.


Doug Fraser

Videographer + Social Media Marketer

Hiking. CrossFit®. S'mores. That's all I had to hear before I immediately wanted in on the ground floor of Camp TimeOut. I'm pumped to tell the story of camp through videography, photography, and a slew of other ographies. I live in Virginia Beach where I'm a freelance copywriter and social media marketer living with a pup named Taz.

Check out his work at Doug Fraser Digital.


Bradley Roth

Director of Affiliate Marketing

Growing up I was always going on camping trips. I loved seeing different places and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. My favorite of those camping trips was going to summer camp every year for a week at a time. Just like Camp Timeout, it was jam packed with all kinds of fun activities. I thought as an adult that I would no longer be able to have that same type of experience. That was until I found out about Camp Timeout, which combined 2 of my favorite things - summer camp and CrossFit, which I have been coaching part time since graduating college in 2013. 

While I still coach part time at Shoreline CrossFit, I now spend most of my time running my online marketing agency Breakthrough Digital. I knew right away that I wanted to use my combined experience in both CrossFit and online marketing to contribute to the growth of Camp Timeout in any way possible and am excited to be a part of the team!


Tom Henell

Board Chair

I’ve spent the past 25 years of my professional life focused on the positioning, messaging, and marketing of businesses…while, trying to spend as much time as possible outside; hiking, camping, cycling, running, and an occasional extreme triathlon.

I’ve worked for an international creative agency, with Fortune 500 brands, and grew my own start-up to be named an INC 5000 company for five consecutive years. I currently spend my days as the Vice President of Lifestyle Marketing for Spartan Race, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand.

When I met Christin and heard the concept of a summer camp experience for adults tied into the CrossFit® community, I knew I had to be involved. I’m pleased to add my business, fitness, and outdoor experience to such a great group.

Camp TimeOut Coaches

Each camp will feature different coaches, but chances are that you'll see some familiar faces as most of our coaches choose to return.

Camp Staff and Instructors