Colorado Camper Map

"Where do Camp TimeOut campers travel from?  How far do they drive/fly to get to camp?"

So far, it's most common for campers to live within 2-4 hours drive of a camp location.  Our Massachusetts camp drew campers from Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York; the Virginia camp had majority CrossFit enthusiasts hailing from Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

However, our upcoming camp collaboration with the Girls Gone WOD Podcast has bucked the trend in a big way.  As campers register, I generally take a look at who registered, their CrossFit box (if they have one), and their address. For our Colorado camp registrants, it seemed like every registrant was from a different state, and I wanted to see camper locations on a map.  Thanks to the wizards at Google, we can turn spreadsheets into maps with a click of a button - check out where our campers will be traveling from to get to our Colorado camp!

CO camper map.PNG

Podcast listeners are quite literally coming from all around the country to attend camp with Joy and Claire of Girls Gone WOD.  We're psyched to host everyone, and happy that we aren't the only folks traveling from sea level to camp's high elevation (cue the heavy breathing during workouts....and walking.)


Our campers are more than map dots, and we can't wait to meet each one of you!

Cara Cowden