NOBULL Made Camp TimeOut Even More Fun


Over Labor Day 2018, Camp TimeOut and Girls Gone WOD Podcast® held a weekend sleepaway camp in Deckers, Colorado.

Since Camp TimeOut HQ is Cape Cod, we'd gotten connected to nearby Boston-based NOBULL through a friend.  After a couple of phone conversations, and a very generous offer, NOBULL gave us several codes for free trainers to give away to Camp TimeOut Colorado campers.

See how campers won sweet shoes:

5. First Bullseye (this one was a sleeper, campers weren't told in advance)


4. Longest Fish (turned out that the longest fish caught was a minnow, but congrats to Katie, who took home trainers!)


3.  Most Consecutive Double Unders (again, surprise award! Congrats, Joelle!)


2. Most Helpful Camper Award (we're looking at you, Meghan!)


1.  Best Craft - who knew this would be the ultimate battle?  Blinged out walking sticks, paintings, gimp, and friendship bracelets.  In the end, a painting of the mountains took home the prize!


Many thanks to NOBULL for adding some friendly competition to the weekend!  Here at Camp TimeOut, we love your products and hope to continue the partnership.

Cara Cowden