Starting with Why

Why Build Camp TimeOut™?

Put simply? I looked around, and didn’t find an event for CrossFit® athletes that embodied all that I love about my own affiliate community (shout out to CrossFit Cape Cod!). In fact, most functional fitness events felt downright foreign. Sure, there were familiar movements, but as I sat in the stands and watched athletes completing thrusters, muscle ups, and box jumps, I felt like an outsider. With the sport removed from the affiliate community, the components were reframed: neon booty shorts, elite athletes competing, and the majority of folks on the sidelines.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support some awesome, neon booty shoots. What bothers me is the sitting on the sidelines. Which gave me the thought…what if I could build an experience for CrossFitters that felt participatory and included what I love about my own affiliate community? Also, what did other CrossFit enthusiasts love about their own experiences at their affiliates?

First step: survey 100 CrossFitters. Most of the questions were quantitative, but one was open-ended: "Why do you love CrossFit?" Take a second, and answer the question for yourself. Why do YOU love CrossFit? Now, scroll down…..


Is your answer on this list? 100% of survey respondents answered with one or more of the following:

1.       VARIETY – (not getting bored working out)






Therein we found our mission: build an experience that embodies each of the 6 reasons above. At Camp TimeOut, we still consider ourselves as a startup, so we constantly seek to improve what we’ve built. However, I would argue that we’ve done an excellent job taking what you love about CrossFit, and packaging it into a weekend getaway at camp. Here’s how:

1. Variety? CHECK. Waterskiing, trail runs, drinking coffee on the porch, fishing, stand up paddleboarding, roasting s’mores over the bonfire, burpee miles, adventure races, mobility workshops, sunrise yoga, pumpkin carving, and on and on and on.  Camp is choose your own adventure, and each camper gets to curate their own, best experience.

2. Opportunity for Competition? CHECK. Let’s face it. With this many CrossFit athletes in one space, even fire building gets competitive.


6. THE COMMUNITY? CHECK. Don’t take my word for it. Here are reviews from our 2017 campers:

I loved camping out with such a welcoming group of people that had similar interests and lifestyles. The opportunity to have fun with a new group of friends, play outside, hike, start the day out with yoga, do a three legged race, paint and draw, dance and end the day around a campfire, what's not to like?

-Dena, Western Mass Camper, June 2017

"…..Workouts and camp activities during the day (ropes course, yoga, wake boarding, etc.) and hanging out by the campfire with a few drinks at night. I highly recommend trying this if you are looking for a fun weekend away with some like-minded people."

-Dave, CrossFit Hyannis, Western Mass Camper, June and October 2017

"…..But maybe the best part was the people - an amazing group of chill, like minded people. I felt welcomed right away. I can't wait to go back next year!"

-Jen, Crush It CrossFit, Western Mass Camper, October 2017

"As a kid I went to summer camp and was thrilled that Camp TimeOut brings this experience back to adults. The weekend was a perfect mix of physical activities and relaxing fun. The activity options were endless...Yoga, workouts, archery, BB guns, climbing wall, art, hikes, boating, campfire, movies...and, lot's and lot's of food. Plus, we met some very cool new friends. Bottom line, there's something for everyone. I can't wait for the next camp!"

-Tom, Western Mass Camper, October 2017

Cara Cowden