Camp Canteen

As a kid, my favorite camp activities were tetherball and the camp canteen. Although camp meals and drinks were included in registration, my parents gave me a few extra dollars to spend at the canteen, so I'd buy giant pixie sticks, candy bars, lollipops, Tongue Splashers, camp tshirts.....

At Camp TimeOut™, we hope to replicate that experience for our grown-up campers. Throughout the weekend, we'll have a camp canteen filled with products that we think you'll love to consume at camp and/or take home with you.

Are there items that you would love to see sold at the camp canteen?  Are you a vendor who thinks our campers would love your product?  Let us know!

Vendors - we hold contests throughout each camp weekend, and we would love to receive samples of your product to give away as prizes. 

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