Intro to Parkour

Mark Toorock, founder and CEO of American Parkour and Primal Fitness will be instructing campers in the basic skills and movements involved in Parkour training.  You will learn to jump and land, roll, basic vaults, basic introduction to wall-runs and top-outs (a muscle up to climb on top of an object), as well as “open play” with games and obstacles. 

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga

Amy Squeglia will be guiding campers through yoga while on paddleboards! She is the owner of Peace, Love, SUP on Cape Cod, has been a yoga instructor for 9 years, a physical therapist for 20 years, and she also has a CrossFit Level 1 certification.  In Amy’s workshop, you will float on peaceful waters and flow through powerful invigorating postures while connecting with the beautiful natural environment that surround you. Let Amy guide you through a memorable liquid yoga experience on a stand up paddle board.  All levels are welcome.

BIRTHFIT Power Hour under the Stars

Autumn Weiss, Regional Director for BIRTHFIT Hampton Roads and owner of CrossFit 757, will guide you through BIRTHFIT's 4-pillars (fitness, nutrition, mindset and chiropractic) and how you can incorporate them into your journey to and through Motherhood. Class will include functional movements and breath work to connect with your body, a relaxing meditation, conversation on ways to nourish yourself and connection with others.  This class is open to anyone (and their partner!) who wants to take an active, conscious role in their transition to Motherhood, no matter what stage of the process - preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum (even many years postpartum).  Grab a yoga mat and a glass of wine and join us under the stars for this important workshop.

Handstand Workshop

Gino Escalante, head coach at Invictus Boston, will hold his popular handstand seminar. This hour-long workshop is a quick way to learn and practice proper positioning in the handstand. We will cover proper scaling methods and team up to get everyone upside down (and maybe even away from the wall!). 

Goal Setting Workshops

It is our hope that the benefits of your Camp TimeOut experience are long-lasting.  At camp, the stress of your everyday life melts away, your mind clears, and you will be better able to think about what is most important to you.  Autumn Weiss, owner of CrossFit 757, is an entrepreneur and visionary.  Let her guide you on a two-part goal setting experience.  Part 1 includes a leisurely, guided hike with a journal.  During Part 2, you will have the opportunity to create a vision board based on goals or general life desires. Journal and vision board supplies provided.