Do What You Do Best....

Love the CrossFit® community?  Love camp?  Want to take the lead?

Coaches attend camp at a greatly reduced rate. Besides the 2-4 hours spent instructing, coaches get to unplug, play, and relax with the other campers. At Camp TimeOut, we rely heavily on fitness challenges as a means of "breaking the ice" for campers. As such, coaches are an important social center, and program challenges that help to bring the community together (partner workouts, synchronized movements, workouts that help campers navigate the camp property, etc).

Coaches program workouts that utilize the natural elements of camp property (Pull ups on branches? Trail runs + air squats?  Burpees + bb guns?....we love creativity and give coaches flexibility to program workouts that will challenge and inspire campers).

Our coaches love camp.

Coaches must hold, at minimum, a current CF-L1® Certification.  A current CF-L1 certification helps us to ensure that coaches are part of a vibrant affiliate community and that they are trusted by the membership of a CrossFit box.  Coaches are required to add Wild Child Ventures, LLC as additional insured to their insurance policies in advance of camp.

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