Friday, August 31

Arrival Snack

Fresh fruit and fresh baked muffins (GF/VEGAN OPTIONS)


Smoked chicken (GF), baked sweet potatoes (GF/VEGAN), grilled asparagus with portabella mushrooms (GF/VEGAN), grilled tempeh (VEGAN), watermelon, and salad bar

Late Night Snack

Chicken and cheese quesadillas (GF/VEGAN options), chips, black bean and roasted corn salsa (GF/VEGAN), salsa (tomatillo and tomato), tortilla chips


 Saturday, September 1


Quiche- cheese, bacon and cheese, spinach and swiss, caramelized onion and gruyere cheese, sundried tomato and feta, roasted vegetable

Frittata (GF)- bacon and cheese, caramelized onion and gruyere cheese (vegetarian), cheese (vegetarian), roasted vegetable (vegetarian)

Tofu and Spinach Quiche (VEGAN)

Fresh fruit bar, yogurt and yogurt alternative (soy or coconut- VEGAN/GF), assorted pastries and bagels (GF and VEGAN Options available), coffee, hot tea, milk (vegan alternatives), juice



Greek Chicken with Pita- grilled chicken, pita (GF Option available), tzatziki, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and feta, lemon rice pilaf (GF/VEGAN), roasted garbanzo beans (GF/VEGAN), salad bar, Greek yogurt with cherries, honey, and oat crisps (GF crisps, vegan alternative for the yogurt and honey), and lemonade



Green chili pork and ground beef tacos, grilled vegetables (VEGAN), smashed black beans (VEGAN/GF), lime cilantro rice, corn and flour tortillas with toppings, salad bar, iced tea


Evening Snack

Vegetables with hummus (VEGAN/GF) and roasted beet and goat cheese dip (GF), soft pretzel sticks with beer cheese, beet red velvet brownies with cream cheese drizzle


Sunday, September 2


Omelet bar, assorted breads, fresh fruit bar, potato hash (GF/VEGAN), tofu scramble (VEGAN), bacon, coffee, hot tea, milk, juice



Turkey club sandwiches on whole grain bread (GF alternative), grilled portabella mushroom caps (VEGAN), kettle cooked chips, pasta salad (GF and Vegan options), salad bar, fresh fruit, and grapefruit infused water