I'm not a CrossFitter, will this camp be too "intense" for me?

Nope. Camp TimeOut™ strives to be a place where stud athletes, average CrossFitters, and art nerds alike can unplug, play all day, try new activities, and make good friends.  Camp is choose your own adventure, so you can "go hard" all day or spend your day focused on relaxation.

While some campers might be maniacs, getting in multiple workouts + gaming + a burpee mile in a single day, most campers intersperse workouts with mobility, yoga, and lighthearted activities like archery and arts + crafts.

Many people ask if their friend or partner who doesn't do CrossFit will be out of place.  Not at all.  There's always something to do besides the workout and because everybody's on different schedules, you can always find a number of people who are relaxing, reading, going on a hike, painting, etc.

Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Absolutely. We'll provide a bottom sheet for all of the bunks. However, it's up to you to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag.

So, what's the situation with the booze?

Drinking is not the focus of this camp. But hey, sometimes it's nice to have a beer or two by the bonfire. Alcohol will be served on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm-10pm.  All camps offer beer and wine; when allowed by the respective state and camp property, we also serve a signature cocktail.

Craft beer and wine options are included in your registration price.

No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted on camp property. Illegal drugs prohibited on camp property.

Camp Meals

Your camp registration includes all meals:  hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Meals are all-you-can-eat.  We work hard to ensure that food is fresh with healthy options available.

Privacy Options

A Privacy Option is an optional, added cost/benefit that you may elect during camp registration.  Pay $100-$150 extra/cabin (depends on the weekend) and fill a cabin as you choose.  Privacy options are great for campers who want to be in a cabin by themselves or with a partner only.  Heads up, during registration, you request roommates, and it's extremely rare that you wouldn't get placed with your requested roommate.  So if you're looking for the traditional summer camp experience, there is no need to purchase a privacy option.  You'll get to room with the friends that you request during registration + meet campers sharing your cabin.