Workshops for

Pumpkin Carving

Be creative, chat with new friends, and decorate camp with your pumpkin art. We'll have pumpkins and tools available - go nuts!

Stability is the new Mobility!


CrossFit® enthusiasts know their mobility. Thanks to hours of great content put out by folks like MobilityWOD® and ROMWOD® athletes have lots of options for improving their mobility. Why, then, are so many people still having trouble getting into the most basic positions? Stability just might be the answer. If you have range of motion easily available to you in some positions but seemingly not in others, then you likely have a stability problem. This workshop will help you assess your mobility in a few key positions and then provide stability and core drills to improve the motor control needed to obtain and maintain good positioning.

Nature Sketching Hike

What would be a better way to learn how to see and draw nature than by HIKING through it! Build observational and visual interpretation skills in an interactive and enjoyable way and learn simple techniques to capture nature's beauty. Sketch books and pencils provided, all levels of experience welcome!

Plein Air Painting

Capture the beauty of the landscape! Dena will show you the best way to tackle painting the lake and mountainside offering movement, color, and atmosphere. She will encourage your creativity and individuality and give you insight into portraying the subject in simple terms, helping you get fresh, spontaneous results. Paints, brushes and canvases will be provided, all levels of experience are welcome, beginner to advanced.

Drawing Social

Drawing stations set up with drawing games, collage, free style draw and a drawing collaboration wall. No skills necessary. Come have some fun!