11 Best Moments of 2017

It's been an incredible ride so far - with spectacular highs and incredible lows.  To the team: Devon, Doug, Tom, and Cara, I can't thank you enough for the time spent on strategy, design, marketing, and production.  But more than that, thanks for pouring time and energy into a passion project.

To the coaches and staff, you bring the warmth, fun, and....heavy kettlebell swings to camp; thank you for vouching for Camp TimeOut and showing up ready and positive.



11. Biking Manhattan - 20 affiliates in 24 hours.
Showing up unannounced with a backpack full of flyers was met with far more warmth than anticipated.  Thanks to Rhys Probyn for navigating on the bike in front.  We survived road biking on slicks...during rush hour....in the rain....barely.


10.  The First Camp Photo Shoot
It's difficult to promote a camp when you haven't yet run a camp.  What to do?  Schedule a photo shoot!  Thanks to Sarah Kenyon at Studio Route 7 for capturing iconic images, and to the "models" who made the trip.


9.  The 1st Ever Burpee Mile
Is a burpee mile too difficult to complete as an individual? Can teams complete a burpee mile as a relay?  We needed to do a test event before we made the burpee mile a signature part of Camp TimeOut. Thanks to the crew (mainly non-CrossFitters!) who were bribed with beer and completed a burpee mile on the Shining Sea Bike Path last January.  Big shout out to Undercurrent Productions for a beautifully produced video.


8.  The Business Accelerator Win
We got the grand prize from the business accelerator program, Entrepreneurship for All.  To us, the win was a resounding vote of confidence from the business community.  We pitched camp to a panel of business-minded judges, they gave us a vote of confidence and the grand prize. Thanks to the EForAll staff and to the cohort of entrepreneurs for the push to build quickly.


7.  Camp's 1st Registrant
Thanks, Jason.  #1 camper hailing from CrossFit Hyannis!  Jason's at 100% attendance to Camp TimeOut weekends...can he keep a perfect record :)?


6.  Sponsorships and Giving Back
Partnering with our Board Chair and Designer, we recently finalized our sponsorship packet and policies, opening the door for brands to get involved with Camp TimeOut.  Current efforts are concentrated on selecting a platinum sponsor who will donate back to the campership funds at the locations where we host events. We'll keep you posted!


5.  Our First Shoutout from The Morning Chalk Up
As a Google Analytics nerd, I like to keep tabs on the number of people on the camp website on any given day.  One day, the website #s spiked, and we had a 1200% increase in visitors.  I couldn't figure out what happened until Katie Falkowski tipped me off that we'd been picked up and linked by the Morning Chalk Up.  If you aren't signed up for their daily blog, you should be.


4.  Successful Stalking of Girls Gone WOD®
Sometimes you have an idea, and everything falls into place.  I'd become a fan of the Girls Gone WOD podcast and thought "camp seems like a great fit for Girls Gone WOD, I wonder if they'd partner with us to run a trip for their listeners?"

After a couple of emails and texts, we decided to meetup at the CrossFit® Games in Madison, Wisconsin.  Cell reception was poor, so we weren't connecting, but I spotted Joy and Claire in the VIP area of the FitAid tent, I talked my way into the VIP area, met hosts Joy and Claire, and from there, we've developed a wonderful partnership.

East Coast folks: we're running a shuttle between Denver airport and the Girls Gone WOD camp weekend August 31-Sept. 2 in Deckers, Colorado, so we've made it easy on you if you want to fly over.

Thanks to Joy and Claire for being authentic, incredible people. Traditionally, you can't use the word "stalk" when describing a business partnership, but we've already mutually established that that's what happened.


3.  Tom Henell as Board Chair
Sorry LinkedIn - I thought you were worthless, then I checked my notifications, and I had a month-old message from, WHO? A VP of Spartan Race?  WHAT?

Tom's credentials are incredible, and more importantly, he has experience growing his own business from startup stage to highly successful exit.  Tom continues to make introductions that we'd never get without his help.  Big picture thinking with actionable ideas - thanks for your help this year, Tom.  (Anybody who got a s'mores box this holiday season? Yeah, that was Tom's idea).


2.  The First Expansion - Virginia!
Our goal is to build camps for the CrossFit® community.  CrossFit affiliates are located all over the world, and we want our camps to be accessible to enthusiasts everywhere.  Which means...geographic expansion.  This past summer, we locked in May 4-6, 2018 in Palmyra, Virginia - this will be our first camp outside of New England.  We hope you'll join us for Cinco de Mayo.  This camp boasts horses and ponies, hayrides, river tubing + all of the traditional camp activities you've come to love at our Massachusetts weekends.
Thanks to Mid-Atlantic Director, Cara Cowden for the leg-work in the D.C./Maryland area.  She's been forming partnerships with incredible people in the CrossFit community in the mid-Atlantic. Special thanks for the support from CrossFit 757 in Norfolk, VA.


1. The Rebrand
If you've been following along, you saw that we had to change our name. Brutal. Long story short, we thought that we could get the trademark for Camp Wild Child, but 6 months in, found out we couldn't....Bye Camp Wild Child...
To me, this is the crowning moment of 2017; it was painful, but we got the rebrand done in a matter of 3 weeks. Big shout out to our October campers, who generated over 100 name ideas, and set us up for success.  A new domain, logo, Facebook page, Instagram handle, and trademark filing later...we're Camp TimeOut™!  Thanks to our designer, Devon Clark for hours of design creation and bringing TimeOut to life.