Camp TimeOut Workshop: Intro to Parkour with Mark Toorock

Mark Toorock, Founder and CEO of American Parkour and Primal Fitness, will be hosting workshops at Camp Timeout's May 4-6, 2018 camp weekend near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Learn basic skills and movements involved in Parkour training. While campers won't be jumping off any buildings or into refrigerator boxes, they’ll learn some of the fundamental skills in Parkour.

 Photo Credit:  Juanita Chen

Photo Credit:  Juanita Chen

Your Instructor:  Mark Toorock

Since his introduction to Parkour in London (2002), Mark has produced two television shows, Jump City Seattle (8 episodes) and The World Parkour Championships on CBS Sports. In 2006 Mark opened the world’s first Parkour Gym - Primal Fitness. Primal Fitness is also one of the first CrossFit gyms, Affiliate #55.

Mark has been written about or quoted in The New Yorker, the Washington Post, Time, ESPN Magazine, The New York Times, and many other publications. He has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC television and also on BBC and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Recently, Mark has helped bring Parkour to the public school system. In 2017 American Parkour’s program was used in all 28 middle schools in Washington DC, and the program is currently expanding in Maryland. American Parkour is ramping up operations building facilities for Parkour Gyms and camps as well as equipment for gym and home use.

A collection of APK Sponsored Athletes, APK Ambassadors and The Tribe showcase their movement, while the founder of American Parkour, Mark Toorock talks about the WHY behind parkour. Thanks to Trevor de Groot for the edit, Chris Kaufhold for logistical help and Steve Zavitz for allowing use of his footage.

Camp TimeOut workshop for CrossFit athletes:

·         Jumping and Landing - learning the basic control and coordination needed to later attempt jumping to a railing.


·         Rolling, turning the basic front roll into a shoulder roll which makes it suitable for hard surfaces. We'll keep it on grass or sand, but give you the tools needed to take it to the concrete.


·         Basic vaults, using a step or "safety" vault, the speed vault, and possibly the Kong vault.


·         Basic introduction to the wall-run, and possibly a top-out, one of the essential skills in parkour, which is a muscle-up to get on top of a wall or other object.

·         "Open Play" session where you can put your skills together, and depending on group dynamics and time we can play some "Ground is Lava" Tag with obstacles.

To book a workshop with Mark:, 202-631-9239

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