What our Campers Say!

Don’t take our word for it! Here is what our Campers say about their experiences:

Great camping trip to try new things and meet new people. The events throughout each day were both challenging and fun. All the coaches and staff were friendly and welcoming.
— Bryan R., CrossFit 757
I attended camp last October in the Berkshires and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was the perfect blend of challenging exercise and fun activities with plenty of time to relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. I have to say, I think the relay race was my favorite part, maybe because my team won (lol), but mostly because it was phenomenal seeing all these people of different ages, abilities and backgrounds working together and cheering each other on. Seriously the best part of the weekend was the people - what a feeling of community in such a brief time. As a busy single mom, it was exactly what I needed and I was completely recharged after the weekend. Already planning for June, can’t wait for paddleboard yoga!
— Danielle L., CrossFit Galactic
Such a wonderful weekend getaway. If you missed out on the summer camp experience as a kid, now’s your chance! The days were filled with spirited activities and fitness challenges, and the nights with bonfires and s’mores. Met some amazing folks and the Camp Timeout team was beyond welcoming and fun. I’ll be back for the next one
— Kevin H., CrossFit Scioto
We had an excellent time at Camp Timeout in VA. There were 6 in our party and we stayed in the “night owl” village (read: late night camp fires and some drinking). The WODs we’re approachable for all skill levels (i.e. my wife is not a CrossFit member and participated). The activities were run well and generally pretty flexible on attendance. Food was good too and options were reasonable for gluten free or vegetarian needs. Everyone was pretty chill overall, no massive egos, bros, harmful cliques - felt like everyone wanted to get along and have fun. I’ll do this again, ‘nuff said.
— Phillip W., CrossFit Old Town
BEST. CAMP. EVER!!! You missed summer camp as kid??? Here’s your chance! A weekend of amazing activities, great food, new friends, what more could you ask for!!??!!??
— Stefanie V.
Can’t recommend this weekend enough! I honestly could have used a few more days so I could fit it all in. The weekend was so much fun. The food was awesome, the company was terrific and the activities were the perfect balance of challenge, self-care, and educational. We are recommending CTO to all of our friends. Thank you so much Christin and Cara. You two are a dynamic duo and I can’t wait to see what other awesome events you plan in the future.
— Melissa B., Compound CrossFit
I attended the May 4-6 Charlottesville VA camp. This was an amazing experience. The activities definitely met my expectations! The staff are great, get a group together from your box and enjoy a fabulous weekend with other Crossfitters. Don’t miss out on this! I will be back 😊
— ustine L., CrossFit 757
Just finished working the camp in Virginia! Had a great weekend and met some incredible people. It was great to have so many people who all share their fitness interest come out and have a blast. It was a ton of activities. The food was great! Can’t wait until next year
— Gino, Invictus Boston
Super fun weekend, well organized by great hosts and coaches! Great memories made! Can’t wait until next year!
— Dana, CrossFit Fredericksburg
Had a great time at Camp in Deckers, CO! Beautiful scenery, great food and super fun activities. Totally worth the trip and I would do it again!
— Kelly O., Illinois
Camp Timeout is a blast! Lots of fun (and challenging) activities lead by great coaches. Spending the weekend at summer camp really allows you to bring out your inner child. Timeout does a great job of creating and structuring activities so that you mix with and get to meet new people. The adventure race was fantastic, but s’mores will always be my favorite part.
— Mark, Primal Fitness and American Parkour
Ah-may-zing! The Charlottesville camp had all the traditional summer camp activities (archery, lake fun, s’mores!) along with fitness activities and with fantastic meals! Little touches like postcards to send to your friends and welcome stickers on your cabin door really made it clear that the peeps running this show wanted you to have a great time. Absolutely loved it!
— Carmen, CrossFit 757
Exactly the weekend I needed - outdoors in western MA’s beautiful Berkshires at the peak of fall, with great new people, fun exercise and activities, and a relaxed feeling that stayed with me for days. I left my phone in my car the entire weekend. It truly was time out - away from the daily bustle, with a slowed-down schedule that allowed all the time I wanted for just looking at the lake from the back porch, sipping coffee and chatting. A gorgeous hike on the nearby Appalachian Trail - with a high ridge that gave unblocked views for miles - was a surprise bonus. I’d definitely recommend to friends and family. We all need more of this in our lives!
— Mike
Camp was one of the best weekends of my life! I really can’t nail down the best part. The workouts were challenging but fun, the hikes were beautiful, and there were so many activities to choose from. I never attended camp as a child, and always wanted to. This was my chance. There were arts and crafts, archery and shooting, team race activities and more. The accommodations were cozy and comfortable; the food was fantastic. Sunrise yoga on the lake was simply amazing, and the movement/mobility workshops gave me tips that really help. But I think maybe the best part about camp was the really amazing group of chill, welcoming, like-minded people; all of these people became instant friends. I can’t wait to go back!
— Jennifer G., Crush It CrossFit
Attended Camp Timeout in Deckers, Colorado recently. Every detail was perfect. Amazing food, activities, and so much fun! Highly recommended
— Alison S, CrossFit West Ames Iowa
This camp was amazing! Great organization, people, food, and activities! So much fun and would highly recommend it!
— Ashley S., Colorado