Team Challenge FAQs

When are the Team Challenge events?

  • Friday, 10/19 @ 4pm
  • Saturday, 10/20 @ 7am
  • Sunday, 10/21 @ 10am

What's the Team Challenge?

A fun feature within the rest of the camp weekend.  It's a competition for the Camp Cup - it's what it sounds like, a very ugly but precious trophy!  You'll be working towards it with a team of 4.  Come to camp as a group of 4, or we'll match you with some new best friends to fill out the team.

Teams can be all-women, all-men, or a mix.  We love how CrossFit gyms bring together people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. We work to craft challenges that reward teams with diverse ages, skills and interests.  Challenges will incorporate fitness movements (squats, running, swimming, etc.); camp activities (archery, paddleboarding, canoeing, sailing, etc.); and mental challenges (polar plunges, memorization, trivia questions, etc).

There will be opportunities to win bonus points throughout the weekend.

Why was the Team Challenge created?

Frankly? Because people loved the adventure races we incorporated into our last few camps.  In the adventure race, campers formed teams and completed challenges, and we often get feedback that it was the best part of camp.  We wanted to give CrossFit enthusiasts a great reason to grab their gym buddies or meet a few new, awesome people to take on a Team Challenge.

I'm planning to come to camp on my own, with a friend, or with 2 friends...what should we expect for the team challenge?  Don't worry, we'll find you some new best friends to fill out the team

I have a group of gym buddies who are in....how should we register?  Select Group Registration (not individual).

I registered as an individual, but I have a team and meant to sign up with my group, what should I do?  Just email us - info@wildchildventures.com

I'm scared - I think that this will be too difficult for me.  What should I do?  Register anyway, you'll be tested mentally and physically, but we promise to make it fun.

I'm registering as a group with Mat Fraser, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Rich Froning, will I win?  Not necessarily.  While many events have physical elements, we plan to test a variety of skills.  Those skills could include archery, drawing, swimming, orienteering, teamwork, double dutch, trivia, sailing, etc.

Will I know what the challenges are in advance of camp?

We'll let you know what to expect for 1 out of the 3 challenges in advance of camp.  The other 2?  We'll talk to Dave Castro and see if he'll share some hints (jk, we don't actually know Dave....).

Do I have to come with a group from my CrossFit affiliate?  Nope, any team of 4 humans

Will I get to meet other people, or will I be stuck with my team of 4?  Most of the camp weekend will be spent outside of your group of 4.  Sure, you can hang with the group all weekend if you choose, but there will be plenty of time to play with and meet new people.