Sample Workshops


Paint the Lake

Sit at a picnic table by the lake with a canvas, paints and collage supplies and let your creativity flow.  If you want, you can grab a canoe and paint while floating on the lake!

Handstand Workshop

This popular, hour-long workshop is a quick way to learn and practice proper positioning in the handstand. We will cover proper scaling methods, and team up to get everyone upside down (and maybe even away from the wall!).  Class will be held in the camp’s state of the art gymnastics facility.  There will be soft floors and mats, folks!

Cardio Tennis

Camp Friendship's owner also happens to be a tennis pro! Alina Ackenbom will run cardio tennis throughout the Camp TimeOut weekend. Alina holds her Elite Tennis Professional Certification from United States Professional Tennis Association. Originally from Russia, Alina has over 30 years of experience of playing and teaching tennis. Alina will get your heart rate up and keep it going during your daily cardio tennis class. The class is offered to players of all levels regardless of their previous tennis experience. For more information about cardio tennis, check out

Goal Setting Hike

You will be guided on a quiet contemplative hike, where you will be asked thought provoking questions, but will record your answers privately in journal.  Listen to the birds and the wind in the trees while you think about what is most important to you.  Journals will be provided.  Meet at the pavilion next to the tennis courts.


Sunrise Breath and Flow

Enjoy the journey of movement as you focus on strength, flexibility and peace of mind.  Class will be held in the open-air dance studio by the lake.


Double- Unders

Double-unders are a skill and require practice, but by breaking the movement down to its individual pieces, this workshop will provide you with the one or two tips to speed the process.  If you already proficient at double-unders you will be challenged to try triple-unders!  Class meets at the open-air basketball gym.


Partner Mobility

This mobility seminar will be full of drills and moves that you can do with a friend. Some of the moves will feel...interesting, but they will all be effective in improving movement and flexibility. We'll focus on major muscles groups, think legs, trunk, etc. You will laugh. You will cry. You will learn. In the end, you will have a handful of mobility drills you can share with others for greater effectiveness. Bring a partner or be matched with a new friend during class.  Location TBD.