Sunrise Yoga with Meghan DeWees-Kern- Start your first full day at camp with steady, energizing movement that will leave you feeling open to and ready for the adventures of the day! Set to soundtrack of grounding, yoga-licious beats, we will begin with slow, mindful breathing and work into an energy building flow (appropriate for yogis at any level). Practice will conclude with aromatherapy and savasana -- which we promise will make the early wake-up call totally worth it! There is no better way to start your fun and full weekend at camp!


Rock Climbing and Rappelling with Camp Shady Brook Staff- Camp staff will introduce you to this outdoor sport. Test your agility, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance as you scale boulders located on the camp property.  You will also learn the basics of rappelling which is a critical rescue skill.


Stability is the New Mobility with Dr.Jen Kelly- Mobility/Stability, what's the difference? What if all your problems can't be solved with a good lacrosse ball smashing? Find out exactly where you need more mobility and how to create stability in your entire system to access the mobility you already have. #stabilityisthenewmobility


Yoga Recovery with Meghan Dewees-Kern-We've intentionally scheduled this after a hike on Saturday afternoon to create the time and space for some active recovery. (Although, hiking is by no means a prerequisite!) This restorative practice draws from yin yoga; a deep-stretching method that uses gravity and time to gently open and release tight/tired muscles. We'll hold a handful of passive poses for longer periods of time so that your fatigued muscles can lengthen and relax. You can count on a full-body release, but postures will focus on hip and hamstring opening (because who doesn't need a little more of that?!). It's entirely possible that you'll doze off in class and we fully support that! Think of this a yogic siesta -- from which you will emerge feeling pleasantly at peace and absolutely wonderful.


Double Unders with Gino Escalante- There are two types of people in this world...the first type sees Double Unders in a workout and never worry about them. The second type sees DU's on the whiteboard and needs a calendar to measure the length of time it will take to complete them. No matter which way you look at them, Double Unders are a skill, and they require practice to get from the latter to the former. By breaking the movement down to its individual pieces, this workshop will provide you with a few tips to speed that process to make sure you never have to worry about this skill again!


Yoga for Instagram with Meghan-This workshop is solely for you to have photo keepsakes from your camp weekend.  You will be positioned in yoga poses with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop.  We’ll have our professional photographer snapping gorgeous shots, but make sure to bring your camera/phone as well!